ISO 9001:2009

ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 – quality management system

In 2007, Elitex Nepomuk implemented a quality management system certified according to the ISO 9001:2000 (9001:2009) standard. The standard sets out simple rules for managing an organisation in area of quality of their production. These rules are applied on the basis of established objectives and implemented by identified processes. Efficiency of the processes is measured and monitored to enable the organisation to implement effective actions if a change becomes necessary. The Standard also deals with the principles aimed at control of documentation, human resources, infrastructure, establishes communication processes, evaluation of suppliers, measurement of process performance and internal audits to provide feedback.

Benefits for the company:

  • Sustenance of permanently high standard of manufacturing processes and thus of the services and products provided to customers
  • Optimization of costs due to decreased operating costs, reduced cost of poor-quality, savings in raw materials, energies and other resources
  • Effectively set and controlled processes lead to increased sales, profits and market share and therefore to greater satisfaction of the owners
  • By providing and sustaining high-quality production and services, new and most demanding customers are won and kept
  • Opportunity to bid for large contracts, especially for government contracts
  • Improved management system, improved organizational structure
  • Improved discipline and performance of the whole organization
  • Greater confidence of the public and of authorities in organizations
  • Establishment of the system that reacts promptly and flexibly to changes in demands of the market and of individual customers, to changes of legislation as well as to changes taking place within organizations self (e.g. when introducing new technologies, organizational changes etc.)

More info here: http://www.iso9001.com/

ISO 3834-2:2006

Certification of Quality Management Systems for welding according to EN ISO 3834-2:2005

Generally, certification of the quality management system for welding is intended for all organisations manufacturing welded products. The advantage of the welding process certification by an independent third party is significant particularly in products falling under conformity assessment for their „CE marking“, such as welded structures, welding to order, lifts, pressure, gas and hoisting equipment, or in case of suppliers to the automotive industry where this certificate can be used.

Welding is considered to be a special process, the result of which cannot always be verified by testing after completing the welding. Consequently, weld quality must be assured during manufacture rather than by testing the finished product. Control of the welding processes in compliance with ISO 3834-2 assures that weld quality of the finished product meets the specified criteria.

With respect to greater demands placed on quality management system of suppliers and manufacturers who perform also welding in their processes the working group of the European Cooperation for Accreditation (EA) and the European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting (EWF) worked out a document EA – 6/02, the purpose of which was to provide a basis for harmonization of assessment of manufacturers performing welding processes.

The four-part ISO 3834-1 to 4 standard „Quality requirements for welding" defines quality requirements for welding both in production plants and on site. Therefore, it is appropriate when a manufacturer's capability to produce a welded construction in conformity with specified criteria is required.

In order to demonstrate implementation of manufacturer's quality assurance system in the area of welding, to conduct assessment and certification according to EN ISO 9001:2008, ISO 3834-2 standard „Quality requirements for welding – Fusion welding of metallic materials – Part 2: Higher quality requirements“ can be used.

Certification's benefits

  • • Demonstration of the commitment to meet legal and regulation requirements with an emphasis on those parts of the quality assurance system that relate to control of welding as a “special process”
  • • Guarantee of welding manufacturing process constancy and thus also of a stable and high quality of services rendered and products supplied to customers
  • • Demonstration of suitability, efficiency and effectiveness of the quality management system implemented by a third independent party
  • • Increase in quality of the management system, improvement of the organisation's organisational structure
  • • Improvement in order and an increase in effectiveness in the entire organisation, particularly in welding processes
  • • Optimisation of costs - reduction in operating costs, decrease in costs of non-conforming products, savings in raw-materials, energy and other resources
  • • Increase in confidence of public and state control bodies to the manufacturer who ensures welding processes

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SQEP Certification

Caterpillar supplier quality excellence process (SQEP) certification.

Elitex Nepomuk achieved the significant success going through the strict Caterpillar company control and received the bronzed certification SQEP from the Supplier quality excellence process. Caterpillar is the world number one in the mining machines branch. Only the biggest and the most important suppliers are awarded by the certification. SQEP evaluates the suppliers ability to get and keep the highest quality standards. The suppliers are rated every year according to the strict rules. Not only quality but also quality management processes, development, problems solving, products and changes launching and the ability of company to keep its longterm commitments are checked. This awardness is given only suppliers with the highest quality level, production processes control and production capacity.

Export price DHL Unicredit

Elitex Nepomuk succeeded in the finale of DHL Unicredit export award under the auspices of CzechTrade in the category Middle sized enterprise. The purpose of this competition is to find and appraise small and middle export enterprises in the Czech republic. The competition was founded 19 years ago by the DHL company and since this time there exists a platform where exporters can change their experience, share information, meet and gain information about current economical and geopolitic information. DHL award is the traditional part of the czech export with the aim to award and publicize small and middle exporters who reached the incredicle dynamics of export growth.